June 23rd-September 8th

10 sessions over 12 weeks; class does not meet August 11th or 18th

Thursday evenings

6:30-8 pm on Zoom

Cost: $45 per week (collected in one payment of $450 or two payments of $225)

Includes materials from official Marsha Linehan training manual and special supplemental material

Dialectical Behavior Therapy can benefit people who struggle with overwhelming emotions and self-destructive behaviors, as well as people generally looking to gain skills to improve their mood, daily functioning, and relationships.​

Mindfulness is in many ways the cornerstone of DBT—other DBT skills depend on the ability to be mindful: of our thoughts and feelings but also of our environments and the behavior of others.

The core of mindfulness is deceptively simple—noticing without judgment—and the ability to practice this allows us to experience less reactivity and distress, and to feel calmer amidst a difficult world.

Together we will learn the DBT mindfulness skills and practice them, building a foundation for future DBT modules. (Students decide whether to enroll in the next module, Distress Tolerance, at the end of Mindfulness.)

​If you are interested in enrolling in the DBT Mindfulness Module, contact me for more information and to schedule an informational phone call.​

Please note that in order to enroll in DBT, you must be currently seeing an outpatient therapist, though that person need not be working on DBT with you.

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