Born and raised in North Carolina, I moved to Charlottesville to pursue a PhD in English Literature at the University of Virginia. Through a winding and circuitous journey, I attained a PhD and a passion for helping people through emotional pain--and found myself earning a Master in Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University and going on to become a licensed clinical social worker.

Psychotherapy has helped me immensely in my own personal healing work. I am honored to be able to hold space for trauma survivors to reduce their suffering and to integrate the remarkable gifts of perspective and empathy that can be wrought by devastating life experiences.

As a person who identifies as both queer and neurodivergent, I am passionate about holding space for clients as they learn to accept and cherish their whole selves. I focus on working with you to uncover and build on your remarkable strengths--not "fixing" you, as you are not broken!

Charlottesville has been my home for 17 years, and I am enthusiastic to serve our community from a social justice-oriented, strengths-based perspective that is attentive to your unique needs and goals.